Acupuncture for Back Pain Does it Work

Acupuncture for Back Pain: Does it Work?

According to research, 80% of the global adult population is prone to experience some form of back pain during their lives. Are you part of this vast majority? Read ahead to know what you can do to treat your back pain!

What Causes Back Pain?

Your back, especially the lower region, is susceptible to muscle strain and the discomfort that comes with it. Since your body weight and certain movements such as bending and twisting are intertwined with the back muscles, an injury of the muscle fibers can result in them being torn or over-stretched.

Muscle sprains and strains, spasms, ligament tears, disc displacement, and inflammation at the injury site can all lead to excruciating back pain. This tends to decrease your mobility and cause persistent discomfort.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Does it Work

Why Opt for Acupuncture?

So, why should you choose this ancient practice part of Traditional Chinese Medicine as your treatment option?

The philosophy of acupuncture revolves around unblocking the body’s energy flow and helping it regulate throughout smoothly. This affects your functionality, as the body’s energy (or Qi) affects the muscular system and helps loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

Research has shown that acupuncture can prove to be extremely effective for treating chronic pain of the neck, knees, and lower back. In one study, the effects of acupuncture for alleviating chronic pain were studied on 20,000 participants, who were divided into three groups.

The individuals either received authentic acupuncture treatment, fake acupuncture treatment, or no acupuncture treatment at all. As per the results, the participants who were given authentic acupuncture treatment reported a 50% improvement in their condition, with the pain significantly reduced.

Another study looked at the effectiveness of the ancient practice on lower back pain specifically. The results concluded that acupuncture may, in fact, be more effective than medication, making it a viable treatment option.

More studies have looked at the correlation between acupuncture and lower back pain, with the participants involved reporting favorable effects after treatment such as a reduction in pain and improved mobility.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Does it Work 1

How It Works

The process involves the insertion of thin, dry needles at trigger points. Also known as acupuncture points, these are specific regions on your body that stimulate the nervous system when a force is exerted on them. This causes a release of neurochemicals and endorphins in various parts of the body, including the muscles, brain, and spinal cord.

The chemicals, in turn, help the body’s internal regulatory system by further triggering the release of hormones and other substances. The prick of the acupuncture needles brings about this effect, encouraging the body’s natural healing abilities to kick in and achieve the desired results.

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