Chinese Medicine recognizes the body as a dynamic whole, one in which the mind and body, physical and mental health are interconnected. In this system, no ailment is entirely physical.


There are often underlying mental or emotional elements that may spark physical symptoms or impede restoration of health. For this reason, counseling and coaching in a safe and non-judgmental environment under the guidance of a holistic health coach is an important journey of exploration and healing for those seeking an integrative approach to health and well-being.


By bringing to light any emotional turmoil or trauma you may have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing, Dr. Roya Yazdani will be able to design a more holistic treatment that nourishes the body-mind-spirit, allowing for a deeper delve into the root causes of ailments. In this process, utmost compassion and empathy are exercised.


Dr. Roya has a deep passion for combining Eastern and Western Psychology and integrating it into Chinese Medicine to deliver a holistic and comprehensive model of healthcare.