Facilitating Weight Loss With Acupuncture Does It

Facilitating Weight Loss With Acupuncture: Does It Work?

According to an article published in TIME magazine, half of the adult American population is trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, they often resort to unhealthy and drastic measures to speed up the process, which can have severe consequences.

Facilitating Weight Loss With Acupuncture Does It

Can acupuncture help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look.

It Reduces Inflammation

Research has shown a correlation between inflammatory peptides and adiposity. Acupuncture is said to reduce body inflammation, which in turn reduces the risk of being obese.

In one study, 80 obese people were given acupuncture treatment for 3–6 months while also managing their calorie intake. It was observed that both acupuncture and the low-calorie diet they received helped them lose weight by reducing the amount of inflammation in their bodies.

Another study looked at the effects of acupuncture on inflammation by offing authentic and sham acupuncture treatment to the participants, while providing both groups with a low-calorie diet. After 12 weeks, while both groups had lost some weight, individuals who had gotten authentic acupuncture treatment showed improvement in inflammatory markers, which was expected to enhance their weight loss journey.

It Curbs Your Hunger

Acupuncture also helps reduce cravings and hunger pangs, according to research. In one study, 60 people who were overweight were divided into two groups. The group that received acupuncture through a simulation device for two weeks reported having fewer cravings, lower appetite, and even lost some weight. In contrast, individuals in the control group reported no changes. The study highlighted that acupuncture stimulation caused a release of serotonin by targeting specific trigger points, which then helped in lowering appetite.

Another study published in 2015 further saw the effects of acupuncture on appetite. The findings showed that after receiving acupuncture treatment Los Angeles for only a week, the participants had lowered level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.  This helped in regulating appetite and gradually reducing weight.

It Helps You Sleep Better

Acupuncture helps improve disturbed sleeping patterns and has even helped individuals with insomnia. This has a direct impact on your weight as high-quality sleep allows for maintaining a healthy weight. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces more ghrelin, encouraging you to eat more frequently and in greater quantity. It also inhibits the production of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for telling your body to stop eating.

By improving sleep patterns, acupuncture helps with the regulation of hunger hormones. This then helps you lose excess weight healthily.

Facilitating Weight Loss With Acupuncture Does It 2

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