Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain—Boosting Immunity through Mindfulness

The immune system is one of the most important parts of our body. Not only does it help regulate the hormonal balance in the body, but it also fights any dangerous bacteria that might harm us.

For a long time, the immune system’s ability to attack invading organisms was considered a completely physical action. However, with recent studies and research, a deeper mind-body connection has been discovered.

Train Your Brain—Boosting Immunity through Mindfulness

Mindfulness and the Immune System:

The human immune system is highly intelligent and has a fascinating and critical connection with the mind. In the 80s, the term ‘a floating brain’ was coined to show the ability of the immune system to participate in the chemical process through which the brain sends messages throughout the body.

The immune cells were discovered to have the ability to transmit moods, sensations, thoughts, and expectations from the brain to the body.

Benefits of Meditation

Research showed that different thoughts had different reactions on the immune system which affected the entire human body. This means that meditating and training the mind to be more positive has a direct effect on the immune system.

Train Your Brain

Here are the main benefits of mindfulness that impact the immune system and boost overall health:

  • Meditation helps create a positive mental environment. Since the immune system directly responds to both positive and negative vibes, meditation helps it flourish by reducing the negative thoughts which can increase the production of pro-inflammatory gene expression.
  • Mindful meditation has also been linked with the reduction in the production of CD-4 cell count in HIV positive patients. This slows down the virus from propagating any further.
  • Meditation stimulates brain functionality by increasing the electrical activity in the right anterior insula, the prefrontal cortex, and the right hippocampus. These areas are directly responsible for the positive emotions in the body and act as the command center for the immune system. When triggered, they boost the immune system and help it function more effectively.
  • Mindfulness also improves the production of antibodies. This helps strengthen the immune system and reduces the risks of contracting illnesses that can be contracted through bacterial organisms.

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Mindfulness meditation is vital for unlocking pent up energy within the body. Too many negative thoughts can manifest themselves in a score of ailments.

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