Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Alleviating Stress

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Alleviating Stress

Three out of four Americans have said they’ve experienced at least one stress-related symptom in the past month. Chronic stress can be debilitating but we must acknowledge the inevitability of it. Given our contemporary, fast-paced lifestyles, we come across many micro-stressors on a daily basis.

The cumulative result is an obstruction in the free flow of our Qi, that is the traditional Chinese term for our life force energy. Prolonged exposure to stress can affect the flow of energy in our body and de-harmonize our mind from our spirit and body. This disconnection can manifest itself in the form of numerous medical problems such as sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, migraines, poor blood circulation, weight loss/gain, reduced immunity, bowel disorders, acne and more.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Alleviating Stress

At MetaBody MetaMind, we aim to revive that connection between your mind, body and spirit with the help of alternative health practices from traditional Chinese medicine.

Here’s a brief a look at some of the services we can provide you with to alleviate your stress.

1. Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine modality that involves inserting hair-thin needles in key meridian points across the skin. The needle-based stimulation improves blood circulation and promotes the free flow of energy across stagnated points.

Likewise, acupressure helps promote the release of endorphins and reduces any kind of stress-related pain. This is done either with the hands or external devices that can firmly apply pressure at meridian points. At MetaBody MetaMind, we love to combine both acupuncture and acupressure therapies for maximum benefits.

2. Cupping Therapy

Chinese Cupping Therapy in Los Angeles is another useful modality of ancient Chinese medicine that can help revive the flow of the Qi within the body. This safe technique involves the use of glass or plastic cups that can create a suction effect to pull the skin upward and help expand blood vessels in localized areas. This improves blood flow and helps the body detoxify from negative energies.

3. Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement

Being mindful is an important aspect of recognizing the connection between our mind, body and spirit. Our pain management service in Los Angeles  is combined with yoga and breathing exercises for greatest impact. Alongside improving brain function, our movement infused meditation can boost immunity and have a soothing effect on your central nervous system.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Alleviating Stress

Find healthy ways to combat stress

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