4 Proven Wellness Benefits of Cupping Therapy 2

4 Proven Wellness Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Ever since the 2016 summer Olympics when Michael Phelps was spotted covered in bruises, cupping therapy has become all the rage. Celebrities, athletes, and regular people are all lining up to try out this unusual treatment method and experience its beneficial effects.

4 Proven Wellness Benefits of Cupping Therapy

A popular Chinese medicinal treatment, cupping therapy involves warming and placing glass cups on to the skin. The warmth removes the air inside the cup, creating a vacuum that pulls the skin upwards.

This promotes the flow of blood and loosens surrounding tissues. The process stimulates the flow of vital energy circulating the body and is said to have healing effects.

Here are some of the most common wellness benefits experienced by people after undergoing cupping therapy:

Pain Relief:

The cupping process targets the soft tissues of the body by applying pressure to specific pain points. With the increase in the blood flow, the tissues and muscles receive much-needed oxygen and nutrients. The oxygenation process causes the tense muscles to loosen and reduces the stiffness providing relief from pain.

Improved Immune Function:

Cupping therapy also improves the immune system by moving lymphatic fluid and blood throughout the body. This reduces the risk of allergies, lung diseases, asthma, chronic cough, and infections. It also promotes better breathing by opening up the sinuses.

Calming and Relaxing Sensation:

Cupping therapy often provides a deep feeling of calm which is profound and restorative. The increase in the flow of uninterrupted energy in the body results in a more relaxed state. Cupping therapy also triggers the central nervous system by reducing the stress that causes stiffness and pain in the body.

4 Proven Wellness Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Healthier Looking Skin:

People often experience better skin after cupping therapy. The increased flow of blood to the affected areas helps reduce cellulite, inflammation, acne, and stretch marks. It also helps tighten the skin making it look smoother and healthier. The better flow of blood also brings much-needed helpful nutrients to the skin which promotes renewal and regeneration of healthy skin cells.

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