A Den of Comfort How to Create an Emotionally Comforting Space1

A Den of Comfort: How to Create an Emotionally Comforting Space

Not everyone has the luxury of spending their formative years in a safe, secure and healthy environment. Even those who do may sometimes go through traumatic events that mar the way they perceive the world around them.

Often times, a tremulous childhood, a difficult time in ones adolescence or experiencing a traumatic life event can result in the manifestation of psycho-emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression. Though research does attribute these problems in part to a genetic predisposition, the environmental aspect is also given relevance.

Fortunately, even though the past cannot be altered, there are ways in which we can heal ourselves and become more grounded and emotionally healthy.

Creating a Space Conducive to Comfort

A Den of Comfort How to Create an Emotionally Comforting Space

As an organization providing holistic treatment Los Angeles, one of the things we are often asked about is ways to help people heal from what may have been a troublesome or trying past.

One of the things that can help us heal immensely is creating a space for ourselves that is safe, comfortable and conducive to emotional wellness and healing. Creating such a space requires that we use both internal and external resources that are at our disposal. Here are some of the things you can do.

The Home

Your home should be your primary safe space. If you’re living alone, look into what you can do to make your home space trigger free and more comforting. Clear out clutter, let in some light and if you feel the old paint is starting to chip and wear, get the walls redone – maybe in a light or softer color.

A Den of Comfort How to Create an Emotionally Comforting Space1

It may also help to invest in some plants to help with your spatial energy. In short, do whatever you can do to make your home the kind you really want to go back to and the kind you feel safe and welcome in.

Relationships and Boundaries

Some of us are very easygoing when it comes to others entering our space or taking up time and energy in our lives. We might agree to go out for a few drinks even though we’re exhausted and would rather stay home, eat some cereal and watch TV. We might not have the energy to entertain but are unable to say no when someone says they are dropping by. Whatever the specifics, there are many situations where we put others before we put ourselves.

This is okay sometimes but not the best idea all the time – especially if you have your own emotional wellbeing to look after. If you want to create a safe space, putting boundaries on even the closest relationships is important. Learn to say no. Learn to ask for your space. You’d be surprised but most of the people who really matter will understand!


One of the things that your personal emotional well-being depends on is how kind you are to yourself. For this reason, self care is extremely important. Self care includes any kind of healthy activity that you partake in for your own sake; something that you enjoy and benefit from.

Go to the gym, take up yoga, try out mindfulness or meditation and maybe visit holistic health coach Los Angeles to help you learn to self soothe and be more grounded. Take the time out and make the effort to do something good for yourself. Chances are you will come to a place of more inner peace and stability if you do.

Winding Down

By following the steps above, you don’t just create a safe space – over time, you become the safe space. It is our inner stability that contributes to how we perceive and navigate the world around us. Take care of what is within and take care of aspects of your immediate surroundings that are in your control. That’s all you can do really but doing so ensures that everything else falls into place eventually!