Being Kind to Oneself Learning about Yourself through Mindfulness, Meditation, & Movement

Being Kind to Oneself: Learning about Yourself through Mindfulness, Meditation, & Movement

Though many of us find it easy to be good, nurturing and caring to others, extending ourselves the same kindness can sometimes be harder. This is because, oftentimes, we’re taught to put our needs and well being second to those of others. Even after we realize that taking care of ourselves is important, many of us struggle with the same because we just don’t know how.

Learning about Yourself and Self-Care

When it comes to self care, of course there are the basics. These include eating right, making sure you’re well rested, placing boundaries and so on. One of the basics includes taking the time out to reconnect with yourself.

When it comes to reconnecting, meditation and mindfulness as well as movement can be extremely effective in combination.


Being Kind to Oneself Learning about Yourself through Mindfulness, Meditation, & Movement1

Meditation grounds us within ourselves. It helps reduce anxiety, pace our breathing and slow the thought static or traffic in our heads down a little bit. Meditation also helps us build emotional distress tolerance and reconnect with parts of ourselves that we may have blocked or lost sight of.

It helps raise our vibrations and brings us to a point of feeling whole, solid and satisfied within ourselves. Though meditation can sometimes bring up discomfort, it is this movement of energy that eventually paves the way for us to access our true potential.


Simply speaking, mindfulness is the act of being fully aware and present in the current moment. When we think of the past, we sometimes get lost in heaviness, guilt and regret. When we think of the future, worry and anxiety may dominate our thoughts.

Such emotions and thoughts cannot overwhelm us when we’re grounded in the present and our senses are engaged in taking in what is happening within and around us. The more we practice being mindful, the better we become at it. The better we are at it, the less energy we spend navigating emotions and thoughts that are presently irrelevant and emotionally draining.


Being Kind to Oneself Learning about Yourself through Mindfulness, Meditation, & Movement

Oftentimes, movement is combined with meditation as well as mindfulness. Methods such as yoga and dance meditation for instance combine techniques associated with mindfulness and meditation with physical movement.

Many of us lose the natural connection we possess between our minds and bodies over the course of our lives. This can sometimes translate to the manifestation of various conditions both physical and emotional. Integrating movement with mindfulness and meditation helps strengthen our inner connections, unblock our natural energy flow and helps us reach a place of inner wellness.

In Combination

The combination of mindfulness, meditation and movement is a powerful one. It is a way for us to explore ourselves, our bodies and our minds. It is a way for us to reconnect with energy, abilities and talents. Finally, it is a way for us to ground ourselves in a way that we nurture the emotional robustness we need to get from one day to the next.

The Upshot

If you feel that meditation, mindfulness and movement may benefit you, chances are you are right. Our holistic treatment Los Angeles center uses meditation, mindfulness and movement to help improve personal well being. We also provide acupuncture, sound healing and holistic coaching to those interested. If you’re looking to explore new and effective ways to improve your physical and emotional state, feel free to connect with us right away!