Anxiety is not just stress, It is more than that. Over the age of 18, more than 40 million of people suffer from some kind of Anxiety disorder in USA. Those are just the people who have been diagnosed. What can we do for Anxiety:
Our understanding of human wellness, both emotional and physical has been shifting over the past decade or so as has our idea of medicine and treatment. Where we may have once been limited by allopathic and surgical approaches that we thought were the be all and end all of medical treatment, we have now learned to see things in a broader light.

Not everyone has the luxury of spending their formative years in a safe, secure and healthy environment. Even those who do may sometimes go through traumatic events that mar the way they perceive the world around them. Often times, a tremulous childhood, a difficult time in...

Having a hamburger every once in a while might not affect your mental health as much. But for someone who follows some very unfortunate eating habits, even one basic unhealthy meal can be enough to push them over the edge.
According to statistics, 40 million Adults are affected by anxiety disorder in the US and 17.5 Million suffer from depression. Stress Management activities, Acupuncture and counseling can help your with your problems. Here are the facts that how Acupuncture manage your stress, anxiety and depression:
Acupuncture is an effective treatment and according to the study, 14 million US citizens had tried acupuncture in 2017. People tried it because it has many benefits such as it helps with anxiety & stress, it helps Alleviate Chronic Pains, it relives migraines and headaches, etc. The detail of acupuncture benefits are below: